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GFS provides incorporation services in Anguilla as well as in various offshore jurisdictions.Anguilla is located in the Eastern Caribbean. It is approximately 150 east of Puerto Rico and close to the Virgin Islands. The population is approximately 12,871. The official language is English and the currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar. The political status is stable and the government is a British Overseas Territory- Constitutional Monarchy. The legal system is based on English Common Law. Below are some of the characteristics for an Anguilla international business company:


  • Business Legislation
  • Banking and Professional Services
  • Taxation
  • Shareholders
  • Directors
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Local Requirements
  • Company Mobility 

Business Legislation

To attract business to the jurisdiction three companies' ordinances were enacted in January 1995. These were the Companies Ordinance, International Business Company Ordinance and the Limited Liability Company ordinance. These have been further refined since 1995. 

Banking and Professional Services

The three banks on the island which provide offshore banking are: The Caribbean Commercial Bank (CCB), the National Bank of Anguilla (NBA) and Scotia Bank 


There is no tax for nonresident companies provided that business is conducted outside of Anguilla. 


A minimum of one shareholder is required. There is no shareholder disclosure. Shareholders meetings are subject to articles. Bearer shares are allowed and no-par value shares are as well. 


There are a minimum of one director required and no maximum. A resident director is not required. Directors meetings are subject to the Articles. 

Reporting Requirements

Annual Returns are not required for International Business Companies ("IBC's). 

Local Requirements

All companies must have a registered office and a registered agent. 

Company Mobility

Asset security is provided through the ability to transfer domiciles. 

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