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ACH or Check 21 Processing

GFS provides ACH for high risk merchants. We are a high risk ACH provider in both ACH and Credit card processing.  GFS International  uses the most current technology allowing merchants  to easily accept and rapidly process checks entirely online. Eliminate the risk factor of using ACH.   ACH transactions can take 3 to 7 days to clear an account.

The GFS International  system verifies account data in near real time and debits consumer account the same or next day.    Know the status of the check prior to shipping goods. Increase cash flow and customer service.   
By knowing the status of the check sooner than ACH, merchants  can ship goods quicker thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

The system is  not governed by NACHA rules, therefore merchants  do not have the constant worry of your account being terminated if you have more than 1% return rate.  We understand the nature of many businesses simply cannot adhere to this strict standard.

Again, because this system is not ACH, we  can work with non US Corporations and high risk merchant accounts normally turned away. Fill out the attached application and begin processing checks. Some of of our check processing features are listed bellow:

  • Lower cost than processing credit & debit cards
  • Access to more consumer and business checking accounts
  • No association regulations such as NACHA or Regulation E
  • Any customer who has ever paid a bill with a check will understand this system
  • Automatic recovery for NSF items
  • No written authorization is required from the consumer
  • Displays on the consumers bank accounts statement as a check
  • Harder to dispute payments, some large banks require affidavit from the customer before reversing the charge
  • Lower return fees

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