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Merchant account for credit card processing

GFS provides credit card processing to merchants doing business in the USA and other jurisdictions.  We have been in the payment solution industry for over 14 years.  Whether you are processing on the internet, telephone, point of sale or at mobile locations, we have the payment solution for you. We have many bank relationships which enable us to provide competitive rates as well as a variety of payment solutions. Give us the opportunity to provide you with better rates and service. click here for our merchant account application.

Some of our high risk business models that we specialized in are as follows: 

High Risk Merchant Accounts
Nutraceutical Merchant Accounts
CBD Oil Merchant Accounts
Credit Repair Merchant Accounts
Adult Merchant Accounts
Merchant Accounts
Installment Loan Merchant Accounts

Collection Agency Merchant Accounts

Offshore Merchant Accounts

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Some of the more popular credit card machines are listed bellow.  Contact us for great prices on equipment with a merchant account.

Hypercom T7P

The Hypercom T7P integrated terminal and printer has a list of attractive features for customer transactions. Below are some of the feature highlights:


  • Small footprint
  • 35-key keyboard features single stroke activation for check, debit, void, refund, and many other functions.
  • 512K memory and room for as many as 200 transactions per batch
  • Dial transaction time under 10 seconds
  • High visibility display: 2 line x 20 character back-lit LCD: excellent for restaurants and bars where lighting is low.
  • Full track 1 and 2 card reader is standard
  • IC card reader option


Nurit 3010

This wireless processor includes a terminal printer, internal PIN pad, 12-hour rechargeable battery, wireless modem, an internal PCMCIA card slot and an optional smart card reader. The very compact NURIT 3010 is capable of simultaneously running credit, debit, EBT and T&E charge cards, check verification, guarantee or truncation functions, chip-based smart cards, prepaid proprietary cards, private label & proprietary charge cards and loyalty cards. 

Nurit 2080

This compact and affordable terminal is simple to operate yet versatile enough to accommodate a host of credit, debit and EBT card sales. Its powerful memory and programming package allows the NURIT® 2080 to efficiently process even the most complex transactions - including credit card authorizations and check guarantees. Merchants appreciate the durable 2080 for its reliability and the ease with which it integrates with the external printers of most other manufacturers. 

Nurit 2085

This advanced POS product includes a built-in fast printer (eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming ribbon replacements) to support credit, debit, check, electronic benefits transfers (EBT), phone cards and other electronically submitted transactions. The NURIT 2085 is an exceptionally user-friendly terminal with a large, high-contrast LCD display, menu-driven software, and four programmable function keys allowing the operator quick and easy access to every terminal feature. 

Omni Verifone 3200

The VeriFone OMNI 3200 has a user interface with screen addressable buttons. Integrated high speed thermal printer which prints 12.5 lines per second. Supports all Verifone PIN pads, check readers, and smart card reader/writers. Supports credit cards, debit cards, EBT, and electronic checks, It has a track 3 reader for drivers licenses. The OMNI 3200 has an upgradable operating. Only one power pack is required. Compact design saves counter space.

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