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High Risk Merchant Account Services

GFS specializes in high risk business models. We provide merchant accounts and other payment solutions in the USA as well as offshore merchant accounts. We can provide you with a credit cards solution, a debit solution or an ACH solution even if you have chargeback issues. 

We will review your business model and we will advise you on the solutions available for your business model.  We will also assist you in implementing a chargeback reduction plan.  If you are a US company and you would like to diversify and obtain an offshore merchant account, we can obtain the offshore merchant account that will allow you to settle directly to your US bank account. 

Our process is simplified so that you do not have to open an offshore bank account.  GFS provides you with the tools to diversify your credit card operations while keeping your funds safe in the United States!

We have been providing high risk merchant accounts for over 15 years.  Some merchants believe that they have to process offshore when they are classified as a high risk merchant account or when they incurr high chargebacks numbers/ratios.  This is not the case.  

GFS will help you manage and reduce your chargebacks/ratios. We can advise you on any necessary
changes that you may need to make to your high risk business model so that it is no longer classified as a high risk merchant account. 

Check Processing

If you have chargeback issues, we will provide you with chargeback reduction programs and solutions that will allow you to keep your existing sales volumes and continue to grow your sales.  We will assist you in the process of maintaining  compliance with the card association thresh holds.

GFS will review your business model: terms and conditions, payment page, refund policy, privacy policy, marketing methods, loyalty programs, and customer service and we will advise you on any necessary changes. Even if your account has been put on the terminated merchant list, Match File or TMF, GFS can provide you with a high risk merchant account.    Click here for our
high risk merchant account applications.

High Risk Credit Card Processing

GFS provides merchant accounts for credit card processing for the high risk business model.  Our rates are competitive  since we specialize in this area and have various bank and processor relationships.  We continue to add banks and processors who offer high risk payment solutions.  As such, we will always the new payment solutions that are available on the market.  We can process for almost any legal business model.  Some high risk models that we process for are as follows:

  • Continuity Merchant Accounts
  • Adult Merchant Accounts
  • E-cigarrete Merchant Accounts
  • Timeshare Merchant Accounts
  • Travel Merchant Accounts
  • Collection Agency Merchant Accounts
  • Terminated Merchants
  • CBD Oil Merchants
  • Credit Repair Merchants
  • Escort Merchant Accounts
Contact us for your high risk merchant account for credit card processing.

For an
offshore merchant account, please click here for more information.

High Risk Check Processing

GFS International  uses the most current technology allowing merchants  to easily accept and rapidly process checks entirely online. Eliminate the risk factor of using ACH.   ACH transactions can take 3 to 7 days to clear an account.

The GFS International  system verifies account data in near real time and debits consumer account the same or next day.    Know the status of the check prior to shipping goods. Increase cash flow and customer service.   

By knowing the status of the check sooner than ACH, merchants  can ship goods quicker thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

The system is  not governed by NACHA rules, therefore merchants  do not have the constant worry of your account being terminated if you have more than 1% return rate.  We understand the nature of many businesses simply cannot adhere to this strict standard.
Again, because this system is not ACH, we  can work with non US Corporations and High Risk Merchants normally turned away. Fill out the attached application and begin processing checks. Some of our check processing features are listed below:

  • Access to more consumer and business checking accounts.
  • Lower cost than processing credit & debit cards.
  • No association regulations such as NACHA or Regulation E.
  • Any customer who has ever paid a bill with a check will understand this system.
  • Automatic recovery for NSF items.
  • No written authorization is required from the consumer.



GFS will review your business model, business procedures, processing history, web site and we will educate and assist you in the process of changing or modifying your business model, procedures, web site, etc. so that your merchant account will not be classified as a high risk merchant account.

Once you begin processing with us, we will continue to perform ongoing risk management services to help you minimize both chargebacks and fraud. We will focus on customer satisfaction, fulfillment and customer service to reduce your chargebacks. We will also provide you with the latest methods and technologies to minimize and manage fraud and chargebacks.

We have experts who have been in the industry for over 20 years and they work with the banks and processors in the risk and underwriting process. Even if you have had chargeback problems in the past, we can still assist you.











Many banks or processors consider certain types of business models to expose the bank or processor to higher levels of risk. Some of these business types include: travel merchant accounts, timeshare merchant accounts, adult merchant accounts, loan modifications, call center merchant accounts, collection agency merchant accounts, telemarketing merchant accounts, various internet merchant accounts, and many more.

The banks consider an account a high risk merchant account based on the potential for excessive chargebacks, un satisfaction of the products and services, excessive returns, quality of the product and services offered for sale, long time period to fulfill the order, financial liability that the bank or processor will incur for processing for the merchant, or bad publicity towards the bank for accepting certain types of businesses.

We can provide you with a high risk merchant. At GFS, we will first review your business model to determine if we can place it in the USA. If we cannot place your account in the USA, we will obtain an offshore merchant account. In addition to an offshore merchant account, we will work with you on your business model, processing procedures, etc. to change your high risk classification to an acceptable classification to process in the United States.


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