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Offshore Merchant Account

GFS has been providing offshore merchant accounts for credit card processing to merchants doing business around the world for over 15 years.   We provide offshore merchant accounts for credit card processing in the USA, Europe, North America, and the Caribbean. Click here for our offshore merchant account application.  If you are a US company and would like to diviersify with an offshore merchant account, we  can provide you with an offshore merchant account that will allow you to receive your settlements directly into your US bank account.

GFS also provides offshore incorporation services worldwide and will assist your company in developing an international presence as well as maintaining compliance with the credit card associations.

Individuals or entities obtain an offshore merchant account for various reasons. some of these are as follows: 


High Risk Merchant Account

Many merchants obtain an offshore merchant account because their business model is classified as a high risk merchant account. As such, onshore banks or processors can not provide credit card processing for these types of businesses. See our high risk section on some of the reasons a merchant account is classified as a high risk merchant account and how to change your business model from a high risk merchant account to a more acceptable model.

High Volume Merchant Account

Merchants obtain an offshore merchant account because their domestic merchant account has a limit on the monthly volume that they can process. Many of the offshore banks and processors offer unlimited volume merchant accounts. This allows a merchant flexibility in trying various marketing campaigns without having to worry about where they can process the volume if their campaign is successful and they have exceeded their monthly account.

Lenient Business Legislation

Some merchants apply for an offshore merchant account because offshore jurisdictions have more lenient business legislation. For example, the gamng industry is legal outside of the USA as long as the merchant is not taking transactions from USA customers. It is extremely important that you understand the laws in the country where you plan on transacting so that you do not violate any laws.

International Market Share

Offshore merchant accounts allow a business to increase their business revenues significantly since the offshore merchant account can offer a business multi currency options as well as unlimited markets to accept credit cards and local payment methods.   For example, a significant percentage of consumers in Latin America only use debit cards issued by local banks.  Therefore, in order to sell to this market a merchant would have to have an offshore merchant account that can process for these type of payment methods. Obtain a merchant account with us an begin accepting all major international credit cards. Accept more than 2.5 billion chinese credit cards without having to go offshore. We offer Union Pay credit card processing.


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