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Prepaid Cards

Our prepaid card solution provides a fast, less costly and convenient alternative to electronic check vendors. Our prepaid card solutions is a payment solution for companies such as Multi-level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing entities who make payments to marketing agents or representatives in the USA or across international borders as the payee does not have to have a bank account to receive compensation. Prepaid cards are an alternative payment solution to cash and are accepted all over the world.  Prepaid cards can be used everywhere Debit MasterCard or Debit Visa is accepted. Prepaid cards can be used for online purchases, at ATMs and Point-of-Sales free of charge, and may withdraw funds in local currency at an ATM for a nominal charge. Acting like a payroll card, the prepaid card is convenient for payees in developing countries like Costa Rica, Russia, China, Brazil, and India,  and where international wire transfers and bank checks are time consuming, and costly, and bank accounts are difficult to obtain.




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