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High Risk Merchant Account Service
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GFS specializes in high risk business models. We have domestic payment solutions as well as offshore payment solutions. GFS provides merchant account solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of each merchant. GFS is committed to providing the newest payment solutions, gateway solutions and technology to our merchants.

In addition to the traditional credit card processing and check processing solutions, we offer alternative payment solutions. GFS continues to add high risk payment options worldwide. Give us the opportunity to become your payment provider. Some of our high risk payment solutions include :

Offshore Incorporation

Offshore IncorporationGFS provides offshore incorporation services. GFS will incorporate your company in an offshore jurisdiction and we will assist you with an offshore merchant account for credit card processing. GFS has been providing offshore services for over 15 years. In conjunction with affiliated experts located around the world, we provide a vast array of business services.
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Payment Solutions

Payment SolutionsGFS International offers its merchants a wide range of payment solutions to process credit cards, electronic check transactions and alternative payment solutions. Accept multiple forms of payments on the web, mail order, at the retail counter, over the phone, and in the field through our secure Virtual Terminal or point-of sale devices.
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Payment Gateway

Payment GatewayGFS offers its merchants a wide range of payment gateway solutions to process credit card and electronic check transactions over the internet. A payment gateway is required to accept credit cards and electronic checks over the internet. A payment gateway is a secure internet bridge between a merchant's web site and the credit card processing networks. Some of our gateway features nclude:
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USA Incorporation

USA IncorporationGFS provides domestic and offshore incorporation services. GFS incorporates in the 50 United States (Nevada, Delaware, Wyoming, etc.) as well as in various offshore jurisdictions. GFS will also provide you with a domestic or offshore merchant account for credit card processing. Prior to forming an entity in the United States, you should consult with a professional on the various forms of entities available to you.
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