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UnionPay Merchant Account

Increase your online business substantially by adding UnionPay as a payment solution.  Accepting the UnionPay credit card will allow your company to expand your business into the Asian market.

Today, all bankcard issuers in China are members of UnionPay and UnionPay cards are accepted in 104 countries and regions. Currently more than 2.38 billion Unionpay cards are issued in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Russia, Uzbekistan , Lebanon, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.

  By obtaining a  UnionPay merchant account you will benefit by allowing your company to:  

  • Enter a significant market
  • Accept authenticated UnionPay cards online
  • Increase your internet transaction volume and revenue
  •  Securely collect online payments from UnionPay cardholders


   The features and services of our Union Pay merchant account are as follows:

  • Accept more than 2.5 billion Chinese credit cards
  • settlement outside China in the USA
  • Accept all major international credit cards
  • Comprehensive online reporting
  • Online real time payment authentication
  • Obtain a UnionPay merchant account today! 


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