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Collection Agency Merchant Account


GFS has been providing credit card processing and check processing for  collection agencies, account receivable managment as well as credit repair merchants  for many years.

We provide other payment solutions to allow your company to diversify their methods of receiving cash flow. 

Give us a call and let us grow your business with our payment solutions.  Our collection agency merchant accounts have the ability to process in the US as well as offshore.   They have the ability to receive funds via credit cards, ACH, Demand drafts, as well as debit cards.


If you are experiencing excessive chargebacks, we have solutions that will assit you in mitigating your chargebacks so that you are able to stay within the card association thresholds and compliant with your processor.   We provide our merchants with tools and customer service that allow them to keep their merchant accounts up!

GFS can provide you with payment solutions in the USA as well as an offshore merchant account. We have various banks which allow us to place various types of financial business models at competitive rates. Give us the opportunity to become your payment provider. Click here for our merchant account application.

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